We deliver services within Leadership, HR and Diversity & Inclusion.

  • Personal leadership
  • Team development
  • Leadership principles
    and programs
  • Human Resources
  • Diversity & Inclusion
  • Tools & Tests

Personal Leadership

  • Coaching and leadership counselling
  • Career development, job assesment and tests
  • Agile leadership in mindset and behavior

Team development

  • Developing effective leadership teams
  • Leading agile teams and agile team development
  • Cross-functional and boundary spanning leadership development

Leadership Programs

  • Developing and implementing leadership principles and programs across the organization
  • Designing and executing leadership programs at all levels
  • Transformation and Change leadership


We offer a 360 review and development of your HR offer including:

  • Designing and facilitating strategy processes
  • Designing and implementing HR practices and tools
  • Organizational design and development of the HR department
  • Agile methods in HR
  • Assesment and training of HR people
  • Trusted advisor training
  • Project management and participation

Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity & inclusion is about creating change in mindset and behavior both individually and collectively, but it is also about making changes in how we recruit, reward, promote, and develop our people. Diversity & inclusion is not a one size fits all. It is a data driven process that needs to be tailormade to your business and culture to have an impact.

  • Career coaching and personal development
  • Diversity & inclusion programs, eg. unconscious bias training
  • 360 review of processes and structures that help or stand in the way of your diversity & inclusion strategy

Tools & Tests

  • 360 Degree Development Tool: Leadership Versatility Index Personality test – eg Hogan or NEO-PI-3
  • Leadership team effectiveness: effect – test, a measure of the leadership team effectivenes
  • Person typology: EASI, DISC